In the City of Blinding Lights

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Dublin! I wanted to visit Ireland's capital for quite some time and the chance came when I had to take the HPAT exam for Medicine entry (which went quite well, by the way!). So at the beginning of March I packed my suitcase, grabbed my revision papers and set off.
As I already may have said, I'm in love with the UK, it just feels like home, but the thing is this: Ireland is magical. Since I cannot do this justice in text, I'll let the pictures show the magic.

When we arrived, I was greeted by typical northern weather: greyish sky and light rain. 

Just the time for a quick nip at Starbucks and the sun came out! Talk about a change of mind.

O'Connell street

In the evening we decided to take a stroll on Fleet Street: a small but lively pedestrian street which hosts nearly all of Dublin's most important pubs. With the traditional music and the bright colours it looked as though somebody had put up Christmas decorations in advance!

The well-known Temple Bar

The next day was the day of my exam: I was supposed to take it at the University College Dublin that is just outside of the city, in a suburb called Blackrock. Here are some pictures of the beautiful campus:

A breath of spring in a freezing March

After the test and after lunch in a pretty little cafe we took the train to reach a small village called Bray, where a gentleman told us that the view of the sea was the best in the whole east of Ireland.


And I must say he was right!

Walking on the main road of the village

The third day of our stay was all about exploring the city. On a corner I met one of my best friends:

Me and James Joyce: a Milanese and a Dubliner

 Busy O'Connell Street on a chilly Sunday morning

 Flowers on Grafton Street

We had a lovely picnic in St. Stephen's Green Park:

Oscar Wilde relaxing... on a rock

And as if James Joyce and Oscar Wilde weren't enough, I met this guy too!

Niall Horan on sale!

Last up was stunning Trinity College:

Two days left! On the next to last day we were blessed with awesome weather and we visited Christ Church cathedral, the oldest of Dublin's medieval churches. Unfortunately St. Patrick's cathedral wasn't accessible because it was "film-making premises". I wonder what movie it is!

After the cathedral it was time for the world renowned Guinnes Storehouse! The museum was so well structured and so interesting; the tour ended with a free pint of beer in the "Gravity bar", which offered a 360° panoramic view of the whole city of Dublin and its surroundings.

The amazing view from the Gravity Bar and St. Patrick's Cathedral in the distance

We spent the whole of the last day in the village of Howth, north of Dublin. It's a small town on the sea, loved by sailors and fishermen for the abundance of cod and trout. I must admit I ate the best fish and chips in my life (yum!) in a small restaurant by the bay, but along with the food, the view was the best too.

 A fishermen boat in the harbour

And then just for a few minutes the sun came out, gifting us with such a fairytale-like sky and sea.

Neon heart, day-glow eyes
The city lit by fireflies
They're advertising in the skies
And people like us

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  1. What an amazing trip! I have always wanted to go to Dublin and all your amazing pictures really make me want to pack a bag and go :)

    1. Yes, Dublin is really worth a visit! It's an absolutely stunning city! Thanks for stopping by :) x