On the Sunnyside of the Street

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I have some time on my hands, so why not go for a couple of "throwbacky" posts? I would like to start my blog journey with a beautiful country: Ireland. This entry is going to be a splash of green and blue. These are just a few pictures of the south-west of Ireland I visited when I was I was a kid. Looking back at all of the pictures now I think I must have forgotten the sheer beauty of it all!

Our hotel
A sunset in the hotel's garden
A typical road in Ireland
Cute Mini Coopers (mum, dad and daughter on the far left!)
A fence and some flowers
Two random sheep!

 Here are some pictures of the ocean scenery:

A small village overlooking the sea
Just cliffs
The Skellig islands in the distance

Beach: I remember the sea was FREEZING!
I could actually sell some of these pics for postcards!
Postcard #2
Postcard #3
And "dulcis in fundo" (the best for last), here are the stunning Cliffs of Moher:

The Sunnyside of the Street by The Pogues just oozes Ireland for me. Even if the band was actually born in London, their name in celtic Irish literally means "kiss my a**". The song is about a man who, having seen all of the ups and downs in life, wants to play it safe and always returns with his heart and mind to his homeland.

Been in a palace, been in a jail
I just don't want to be reborn a snail
Just want to spend eternity
Right where I am, on the sunnyside of the street.

In the next post: all about Dublin!

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