The Rock Show!

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As I might have mentioned before, Blink-182 is one of my favourite bands of all time. I grew up with Mark, Tom and Travis, ever since I watched the movie "American Pie" when I was 10 (probably a little too young to understand it, but whatevs) and I remember I really loved the song that was playing when Jim was running from his house to Kevin's place to watch Nadia get undressed from a webcam. This is the scene, and the song is Mutt from Enema of the State.

I badly wanted the whole record, but my mum wouldn't buy it for me because of its ambiguous content and its racy cover (lol!). So I had to get by with MTV videos and then finally I was able to burn a record of my own from a friend who had it. Then I gradually found out about their older stuff and their newer stuff and I was hooked. And when the band reunited in 2011 and came out with Neighborhoods I was so stoked, and even more when I found out they were touring in Europe this summer. So it seemed pretty obvious that I had to attend a tour date! My first Blink show.

We arrived in Stuttgart on a Sunday morning and after dropping our stuff off we set off to explore the city centre. Stuttgart is a pretty small city, and it's peculiar because the centre is on a lower level than the suburbs: this results in a bowl-like effect and a 360° view of green hills and houses.

After a tour of the city we wandered around for quite some time to try and find a sushi place, we finally (!) found it and ate, grabbed a beer while listening to Blink (obviously) then we got back to the hotel to mentally prepare for the next day.

We got to Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle after lunch and there weren't many people already there, at least, less than expected anyway. After an hour or so of waiting, in which we met a couple other italians, two security guys started building the gates and we found one right in front of us. So we received our pit bracelets and we were the first to enter a few hours later, and we ended up right under the stage.

The opening band was Zebrahead: they weren't bad, but I was definitely there for Blink only. And when I heard the opening riff of Feeling This and the guys ran on stage I was in heaven, the feeling was literally indescribable. I was so happy with the setlist:
  1. Down 
  2. (Misfits cover)
  3. Encore:
  4. (Long intro and short drum solo)
Travis is just an amazing drummer, probably the best of this generation. And Mark Hoppus made my day when he smiled at me 3 times!!! Once during What's my Age Again, once during the Rock Show and the last time during Stay Together for the Kids. Thanks for that Mark!

What can I say, it was just an awesome show, Tom fucked up a few of the songs but at the end of the day who cares, it's Blink!

(I apologize for the poor quality, but I took pics with my iPhone and as I was jumping around so much I didn't care how they all turned out!)

Travis and Tom
Mark and Travis
Just Travis!

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  1. Love the pictures, hubs! And I didn't know they played them in American Pie.
    Cerco di seguirti ma non trovo il link da cliccareeee

    1. Hahaha cori non so come si faaaa! Cioè ora ho messo il follow with email ma non so come si fa quello con bloglovin! I'll figure it out. Anche tu mi manchi giàààààààààà :( <3<3<3