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Christmas has come and gone... and I miss it so much already! I love Christmas day because I get to hang out with my family, see lots of people I don't get to see during the year and eat lots of good food. Also the presents I received were spot on this year: lots of cooking books (my first Jamie Oliver book yay!), baking supplies, books, a 75 euro gift card for a bookstore, a 1800 edition of Bleak House by Charles Dickens (best present so far) and... you guessed right, more books! Hopefully studying won't get in the way of my reading... as if! Hello med school! *annoyed face*

Still, I get to go out sometimes! I had the best night out last week with my friends: we went to have an amazing sushi happy hour, just to chat, catch up and exchange Christmas gifts. The place is called "Wasabi" and it's located in the trendy and fashionable district in Milan called Brera (you can reach it by hopping onto the green metro line and getting off at "Lanza"). My friend Marika introduced me to it and I loved it so much I was thrilled we were going to eat there again. Also the price isn't scary at all: just 16 euros for a cocktail and literally all the food you can eat - the place is set up as a buffet and you can keep refilling your plate how many times you like! Sounds good, doesn't it?

We started off with salmon sashimi, offered by the place, while we were figuring out what to order for drinks.

I forgot to mention that the place offers both Japanese and Chinese cuisine, great for those people who aren't exactly in love with the whole raw fish experience...

We went all out on the spring rolls!
My pretty modified fruit margarita :)

Lots of salmon nigiri on the bottom and several uramakis (cooked and raw tuna, salmon, cucumber) on top! 
Food: rice, soya beans, prawn crackers, chinese dumplings, sushi, fried veggies, noodles... heaven.

Happy faces, anticipating the good food 
Fruit salad and...
...half-eaten tiramisu! I had to brutally steal it away from my friend Coreena, as I'd forgotten to take a picture of it!
An Instagram moment right here...
... and a "The End" moment here! 4 happy girls: fully fed, gifts in hand, ready for a walk down the beatiful Brera district.

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  1. Ooooo all that food looks so nice! Yummm hehe.

  2. It was amazing! :) I don't know how I actually managed to get up from my seat after eating all of it haha!

  3. You girls all look wonderful on your outfits. Wow! Sushi never looked so heavenly. I'm sure everyone had an amazing time. The meals look perfectly scrumptious, after all. Anyway, I hope you girls get to enjoy more joyous nights like that. Thanks for sharing that, Laura! All the best! :)

    Harvey Clark @ Ziryab

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it made my day, really! I hope so too, but right now I'm having to focus on my exams, so that's why I haven't been updating my blog :( but pretty soon I'll probably be going on a sneaky little trip to Florence :) thank you so much again, have a great day! xxx Laura

  5. All of the food dishes you have shown us looks pretty amazing & must have been very delicious indeed! ;)
    It is all about good fun with girl friends & some good food & great laughs together! x

    1. Eeeexactly! Especially good food hehe ;)