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It's December 1st: World AIDS day. I remember when I was about 7 years old, absolutely obsessed with the band Queen. And I remember the feeling of total shock and even fear after I'd watched the video "These are the days of our lives" for my first time. I was used to the Freddie Mercury everyone knows, the lively and energetic man with the yellow jacket that sang his heart out every time, a superman. Instead I just saw a withered and weak man, clearly battling against his illness, but so tired nonetheless. "The show must go on" he said, "inside my heart is breaking, my make up may be flaking but my smile still stays on". However the disease won the war and Freddie passed away November 24th 1991.

Nowadays we still have no vaccine and no cure and while rattling my brains, thinking about how we can change the situation, apart from donating to research and volunteering, I believe that spreading awareness is crucial. AIDS isn't an Africa problem any longer, it's a worldwide issue. So head over here if you want to learn more: http://www.hivaware.org.uk

I've just watched the Italian news and oh boy, not a word about the Ebola outbreak. Ebola also has no cure and no vaccine, yet. The thing is, we worry about what will happen if we get infected, not realising that the ratio of beds, hospitals, doctors, facilities in relation to actual people is crazily higher than the one in West Africa. Since, at least in Italy, nobody covers the subject as much as I'd like, I recommend BBC if you want to read more, if you want to know how the disease spread, how the people are living, how the doctors and nurses manage, if scientists are any closer to finding a cure: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-28754546

When I go to the supermarket I always think about the huge amount of stuff is on the aisles every day, and about the huge amount of stuff that is wasted, since people don't buy all of it, obviously! This disparity has to change.

I want to use this opportunity to not only speak about AIDS, or Ebola, or poverty in general, I also want to shout out to people or family members and friends of people affected by cancer, Alzheimer's, Huntington's and all of the other diseases that we have yet to find a cure to. There's always hope!

So I'm thinking that this particular Christmas I want to change something, I want it to be less frivolous, less about me, less about presents and publicity and phoniness, and more about love and making a change. Even a smile, a letter (I have a pen pal in Kenya, he's the best), or even only a kind thought can make an enormous difference.

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