Bagels 'n' Flowers

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The thing with med school is that you have to study, study and study. But sometimes you need to have a break and what's the solution? FOOD. 

Me and Coreena have wanted to go to the Bagel Factory for ages. Cori is one of my bestest friends, she's been my desk mate for years at school and she has blog too! (Hers is fashiony and cool, and she's waaay more popular than me, HERE it is).

The Bagel Factory in Milan is in the Navigli area, a place we never really get to go often because it's a bit far from where we live. But every time I visit it I remember of how damn cool and beautiful it is. 

When we got to the actual Bagel place though we found it so small and so packed, so we decided to grab the food and head outside. It turned out a great idea because we got to enjoy the sunny-ish weather.

I went for a BLT bagel with tomato bread, while Cori chose a salmon and Philadelphia one with poppy seeds on top. Must say the options though were sooo many (and looked so good!). I definitely have to try other combinations asap. Yum.

After lunch we headed over to the nearby park, Parco delle Basiliche, for a chat and some pictures. Just. Look. At. The. Flowers!

And please ignore the portable toilets in the background here:

Cori needed some outfit pictures for her blog (she will post them soon!), so I decided to go with the flow and get some photos taken too. Which was fine, apart from the fact that I'm incredibly weird and absolutely DO NOT know the first thing about posing.

 But some pictures turned out quite nice indeed!

I bought my sunnies at a small stall at the seaside, but I've found similar shaped ones on Asos (HERE they are). My necklace is from Links of London, I wear it all the time, probably one of my favourite Christmas gifts ever!

I'm wearing an H&M jumper (it's so fluffy I can't even), Zara skinny jeans and the same booties from the last post. (Yes, I like to recycle). 

Recently I got an awesome idea from one of Joe Sugg's vlogs (HERE it is if your interested): basically he went to LA and took photos with disposable cameras only. So I set out to find my ancient Nikon camera (the last time I used was probably 2004!), checked if I had enough film left, popped a new battery in and it was all set to go. I absolutely love the old-school-ness of it! 

Here's me hipstering around:


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  1. We definitely have to keep going in new places! Sunny days, good food, a camera and Sunday strolls are all we need (: .. And why not add some portable toilets once in a while too? Ahah love you hubs! These are awesome pictures and you're so pretty in them ❤️❤️

  2. A lovely day-out in the sunshine & to see the lovely pink blossoms on the trees! :)
    Your Bagels both look super delicious too! x