Florence: Day 1

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Having finished (nearly) all of my exams I decided to reward myself with a sneaky little two-day trip to Florence before second term started. Florence is such a stunning city: even the randomest alley in the city centre oozes history and culture. It is so unbelievable that 500 or more years ago some of the world's greatest minds actually were walking on the same streets I would be walking on and were going about their daily affairs and jobs. Luckily they left their footprints, in the form of works of art or architecture, so that many centuries later people like me could admire them... and take loads of pictures of course!

Brunelleschi's dome 
First thing after the train trip from Milan we pit-stopped at our hotel to drop off our duffel bags. We stayed at a place called "Number 9" and, oh my, being accustomed to hostels and cheapish hotels, I must say I've never stayed at a place like this before. I probably couldn't have afforded a hotel such as this one by myself but luckily enough a friend of mine's father was friends with the owner and she threw in a little favour for us!

When we arrived the concierge immediately told us our room had had an upgrade and we would now be provided with a deluxe suite. Music to my ears! Our room was ginormous, complete with a king-sized bed, two bathrooms, a corridor, and actual lounge area and... free food. I'm afraid the pictures don't do the room justice at all, or maybe was I just over-excited about it?

 Free of our luggage, we set off to explore. First up was Piazza del Duomo:

Knock knock. Who's there?

I don't know what went through our minds when we decided to climb this bad boy (414 steps!!!!!):

Giotto's campanile

But it was 414 times worth the view:

The church of Santa Maria Novella in the distance (top right)
In the top left you can see Palazzo Vecchio!

And an equally as stunning landscape we found when we climbed on top of the enormous cupola on top of the Duomo (another 463 steps over here!)

But first look at the decoration of the inside of the cupola. Just wow.

The Church of Santa Croce (or "Santa Hroshe" as people from Florence like to say)
Giotto's tower wasn't that high after all...
A much deserved panino-and-pizza lunch was compulsory afterwards. Our legs felt like jelly and our breath hadn't caught up with us yet, so we stopped for a bit, munching our food and admiring the view of the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Which is better?


Or this? (excuse the guy photobombing)
Next stop was the Uffizi gallery. I probably was looking exactly like the heart-shaped eyes emoji, but I was so excited: it was so cool to see what I had studied for years in books come to life. Here are a few of my favourites:

Piero della Francesca's portraits of the counts of Urbino

Botticelli's "Primavera"

Leonardo da Vinci's "Annunciation"

Michelangelo's "Tondo Doni"

Caravaggio's "Bacco"

Our afternoon concluded with a stroll around Piazza della Signoria:

Palazzo Vecchio
Michelangelo's David! (only a copy, but still...)
And with the Santa Croce church, one of my personal favourites, which holds many famous people's tombs (much like Westminster Abbey in London).

I liked this bike so much I had to take a picture!
I would love to say I spent the evening out eating in a busy trattoria and ordering cocktails at a trendy bar, but unfortunately our fancy hotel was calling and laziness got the best of us. After a couple hours' bliss in the jacuzzi and the sauna and being pampered in the spa, we got our pjs on, found the latest Grey's Anatomy episode and ordered room service (a first for me!). Because why not act like a spoilt rich kid just for one time in your life?

Stay tuned for Florence Day 2! 

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  1. What a fab post! Love the blog I really do, also those pictures are just stunning! Hope you're enjoying yourself :) X

    1. Thank you so much, thanks for all the compliments! I had a really good time in Florence :) I miss it already!

  2. A lovely 2 day get-away to Florence! Why not, hey?
    I loved this cool post! I love the architecture, the good weather the friendly people & I love Italy in general too! :)

    1. Sometimes I hate living in Italy because of the disorganisation and the chaos and stuff, but other times I feel so blessed to live in a place like this! :) Florence especially is absolutely stunning. x