Florence: Day 2

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Here's part two of my Florence trip. What's a better way to start the day than a mega-huge-enourmous-scrumptious breakfast? We figured that if we ate a ton of food in the morning we wouldn't get that hungry during the day, therefore having a little bit more time to explore. Thankfully breakfast was included with the suite, so we could choose whatever we wanted.

I went for... everything on the buffet, basically.

To digest all the food we just had to walk it out, so we decided to spend the morning at the Boboli gardens. The weather was a bit "meh" but on a positive note the entrance for the day was free of charge! (we still had to queue for the guy to tell us there was free entry, though).

Palazzo Pitti
And the gardens were still beautiful even with the background of this gloomy londonish sky.

I'm going to try something new here, and attempt an outfit of the day. I am wearing an H&M trench coat (I desperately want a Burberry one, but it's waaay out of my league), GAP jeans and scarf and a Topshop floppy hat. My jumper is from Eco, a little boutique in Milan and my ankle booties are from a shoe shop called Walter (it's in Corso Buenos Aires for people who live here!).

The fountains were unbelievably beautiful:

After Boboli gardens' beauty and a few well needed breaths of fresh air we strolled around the city centre to catch all of the things we'd missed on the previous day.

Ponte Vecchio

The shopping district

The church of Santa Maria Novella

Probably of my favourite frescoes: Masaccio's Holy Trinity
The church's cloister

Medieval cemetery

You've just got to love medieval frescoes. They're the best.

After a cultural hour or so, we were about to get back to our hotel when we spotted this strange and cool doorway. We got in to take a look...

And found out it was none other than Luisa Via Roma a.k.a. probably the coolest store I have ever been into. It's kind of an outlet for all things high-end, wearable, non-wearable, tomboyish, downright crazy... they have it all. Since the flagship store is in Florence and there are no other shops anywhere else we just had to spend a good chunk of time in here. If you read The Londoner, Rosie posted about Luisa Via Roma when she went to Florence too! You can read her post here.

Pictures can't begin to show the awesomeness of that place. If you're ever in Florence, keep an eye out for it!

Can't end a trip without gelato!

Berries + fiordilatte = to die for. (but it was freaking expensive, 5 euro for two flavours, what what?!)
But then, all trips have to come to an end unfortunately. And this one went by so quickly! I may be back in the dull normality of Milan, but I've managed to sneak back a pocketful of magic from beautiful Florence.

Off to Milan I go!

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  1. Hey Laura!

    Loved looking through your photo diary - Florence looks so so beautiful! Do you study in Milan? I spent a year living in Paris as part of my university course, it was definitely the best year of my life!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. Yep, I study in Milan! oh wow, Paris is an amazing city. I would love to do an exchange/erasmus type of thing in the next years maybe!
      Thank you so much for stopping by :)

      Laura x

  2. A lovely second Post! Cool! Waw even! Such beautiful photos too!