Capo Verde

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Not the homonymous islands in the Atlantic ocean, but a very (very!) good restaurant in Milan. The place wasn't born as an eatery though, but as a greenhouse hosting the most beautiful plants and flowers. The creator of the place eventually added a bar for "aperitivi" (the famous Milanese happy hours) and a restaurant.

Here are some pics of the outside courtyard:

Yeah, okay, plants are pretty and all, but what about the FOOD?

We sat down on our comfy green chairs, looked at our menus and deliberated for a looong time before settling for the following goodies:

Friend number 1 chose a gorgonzola and pear risotto (I admit jealously glancing at her plate for the whole evening):

Friend number 2 decided for artichoke and fontina crespelle (the italian variation of crepes!), which, despite the glum appearance, were delicious and creamy and tasted like heaven.

I instead went for the swordfish and tomato linguine and found this bad boy in front of me:

Which, just a minute later, turned into this:


So in the end we also decided to get dessert. Because YOLO. We went for a fig and apple strudel to share, complete with noisette ice cream:

 Strudel attack!

And the star of the evening: a fruit and chocolate fondue.

 Yeah, I definitely was happy about that!

And with the grand total of around 20 euros each, we headed out, happy and satisfied. I promise you can't usually get food this good and this well prepared at this price in da city.

If you're ever in Milan, defo give it a go!

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