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I had this blog post soooo planned. I was supposed to go eat at a super cool and new fusion restaurant. Japanese + Brasilian cuisine = to die for. Thing is, with this type of restaurant, food gets a little bit more expensive. I was pretty hungry, but I didn't really want to ruin lunch for everyone, so I kept quiet, and besides I had about 16 euros with me. Surely it was enough to de-famish me?

As soon as we got off at the right metro stop though my friends revealed they were starving too and as a spur of a moment thing, we decided to turn on our heels, forget about the posh restaurant and head to our favourite all you can eat place: Kobe.

Just 10 euros and all the food you can fit in your belly.

The anticipation

While I'm waiting for sushi I always dip my chopsticks in the soy sauce and lick them up. Does anyone do this?

And yeah, I ordered a big platter of shrimps in sweet and sour sauce and a couple other things, but I was too impatient and ate them before remembering to take a picture. Oh well.

I've gotten quite used to this outfit of the day thing! My jacket is from Bata (when they still had clothing), my hippie blouse is from H&M (here's a similar one), and my jeans (the most comfortable jeans ever created) are from Asos and here they are. Finally my flats are from Lolita Milano and my sunnies are Persol (here are a similar pair). I actually "stole" these from my grandpa, he used to wear them back in the day and they're one of my most valued possessions. I know it's probably stupid to be attached to material things and such, but these are probably my favourite object ever.

Days like these, days in which we just hang out, make me appreciate my friends' company so much more. I don't know what I'd do without them, I know they'll always be there for me (and always have been!) as I know I'll always be there for them. Through happy times and through tough times. 


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