Do you want to go to the seaside?

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After months and months of absence from the blog (exams and laziness being the major causes)... here's Croatia. Me and my friends rented a house for a week near Porec, which is 40 km from Trieste. It was a looong car trip from Milan, but I got to experience the best dawn ever on the way to Croatia (I have a thing for skies):

Finally crossed the border:

And first glimpse of Porec in the background:

Our house was in the countryside outside the city:

I didn't take lots of pictures, not day by day at least, but I have quite a few from the day we went to Rovigno (or Rovinj in Croatian), which is one of the prettiest little cities in Istria (the region we were visiting).

We decided to go for aperitivo in a really fancy place called Valentino (imagine a group of 20 year-olds with flip flops and plastic mirror-lenses sunglasses), but thankfully in the end they let us in and oh. my. god. the view!

And the sunset (self-explanatory really):

The food we had for dinner was amazing as well, I got a simple salad with Istrian prosciutto and oranges and lemons...yum.

Croatia: 10/10!

 Bonus sunset picture:

 And bonus seafood spaghetti picture: (too good not to be posted!) ;)

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  1. It looks that you had tons of fun exploring the beauty of Croatia! :)

    1. Yeah, it was a really awesome getaway! xx